Financial Assistance

The Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund has an annual goal of awarding 16 college scholarships, 8 scholarships for students planning to attend a community college and 8 scholarships for students planning to attend a four year college. The amount of the scholarship will depend upon the funds we are able to raise, although the average is generally between $10,000 and $20,000.  These funds will enable students to pay for a significant portion of their tuition, books and educational supplies. As part of the application submitted in their junior year of high school, students must write two essays, provide letters of recommendation, and complete a career exploration activity; semi-finalists are then called in for an interview. Recipients are awarded at the end of their junior year of high school and are required to attend the SmartUp Houston college and career preparation seminars throughout their senior year.


SmartUp Houston Seminars

The SmartUp Houston seminars guide scholars through multiple intensive, group workshops in an interactive format.  LLSF scholarship recipients are required to attend these seminars during their senior year to better prepare them for college and life in the workforce.  Scholars receive valuable mentoring and instruction from prominent leaders in the community on topics including:  the college application and admissions process, FAFSA and financial aid,  personal finance, etiquette, what employers are looking for, industry overviews including salaries, and acclimating to a new lifestyle that is dramatically different from what they have experienced.


Volunteer Opportunities

Your time is a gift to students with a burning desire to attend college and pursue a well-paying career. These young people can reach and exceed their potential with your support, encouragement and example. Volunteers are an essential part of our selection process and program implementation.  Click the link below to find more information on how you can help us create our future workforce. 


Ongoing Support and Guidance

As Lorelle Scholars begin their higher education journey, it is imperative that they receive ongoing guidance and support in order to maximize the opportunities they are afforded. The first point of contact is the LLSF Program Coordinator who is available to marshall necessary resources should they run into some hurdles along the way. This support ranges from the occasional “how are you doing?” phone call and cards of encouragement to alerting the Board when a scholar is experiencing significant academic or financial challenges. Each scholar is required to submit a tuition request at the beginning of every semester to receive their funds. This allows us to monitor their progress in school and provide support as needed. The goal is to help our scholars succeed in college and in life by providing them a wide range of support and advice; from time management tips to assistance in a job search and everything in between, we are there for them.

Other Resources