SmartUp Houston

SmartUp Houston

The Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund has teamed up with the Greater Houston Partnership's UpSkill Houston initiative. Together with local industries, SmartUp Houston is educating Houston area students and parents about job opportunities in our region and the critical skills needed to land these well-paying positions. In addition, we have expanded our 28-year scholarship program to include two-year, as well as four-year college scholarships.

Our goals:
  • To help students make smart higher education decisions and enter the workforce with specific job opportunities and as little debt as possible 
  • To attract and maintain a future workforce, helping to sustain the economic viability of the Houston region.

The SmartUp Houston College & Career Conference will help students connect the dots between what to study on a 2-year or 4-year college campus and the required skills to secure current and future well-paying jobs in multiple industries.  Students have a perfect opportunity to interact with educational institutions and employers on site and begin to chart a viable career path while minimizing debt.

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